Our dogs are Love A Bull 

Love A Bull Kennels

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  We are a small kennel of American Pit Bull Terriers in northern Alabama.  We are dedicated to preserving the Caldwell's GR CH  Boogieman POE bloodline and it's crosses. Our dogs are shown with the American Dog Breeder's Association (ADBA) and All American Dog Registry (AADR).  They are conformation champions that come from a long line of champions.  They are family pets with solid temperaments, drive,  intelligence, and a strong desire to please.  

In memory of Tanya Holland (RIP) of Cold Steel Pits. ADBA CH Caldwell's Igor at 10 1/2 years old (owned by Blaizen Kennels) and ADBA CH Caldwell's Outrigger (owned by us) at 7 years old

Rest In Peace to some of our past champions. These dogs were such a pleasure to own, work with, and show. We had much fun over the years.

ADBA AND AADR CH Caldwell's Outrigger
ADBA CH Witt's Wild Indian
ADBA CH Blaizen's Cobra
ADBA CH Blaizen's Dezba
ADBA CH Anderson's Penny Lane

For information on any of our dogs/puppies email us at [email protected]